First of all, I love to snuggle. Like all the time. I could snuggle and kiss my husband all day long if he would let me. I am such a romantic at heart. Like the great John Lennon said, “All you need is LOVE” and I really believe that. Spending the day capturing the love between two people is magical and such an honor for me.  


Secondly, I love details. I am obsessed. I have a very sharp eye for design and styling details, and I make it my goal and mission to create a custom wedding experience not only in a creative way but in a way that is completely customized to fit the feel and vibe you are creating for your wedding.  


And lastly, I adore shooting film. Your wedding needs to be shot with film because it has a dreamy, intimate and timeless quality. The color tones are unbeatable. Film feels like real “magic” there is something tangible and romantic about it. There is a romanticism in the process of shooting film and I love to capture the moments as they unfold.

“Elyse took the most incredible pictures of my wedding and I am so thankful she was able to photograph for me! I was an out of town bride and relied heavily on reviews. As soon as I saw her work, I knew she was the perfect fit! Her pictures capture moments, emotion, and beauty perfectly. I love her soft and romantic style. She was also incredibly fast turning around the photos! I was amazed! Highly recommend!” 


-Jasmine & Mike


Pricing Collections

Pricing starts at $5000, although we have 3 popular collections,

we also customize every experience so don’t hesitate to INQUIRE.